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Authors: Mark Robson, Kristin A. Fletcher, Ping Jiang, Michael B. Korzenski, A. Upham, T. Haigh Jr., Thomas J.C. Hsieh

Abstract: In semiconductor processing, test wafers are used as particle monitors, film thickness monitors for deposition and oxide growth...

Authors: Michael B. Korzenski, D.D. Bernhard, T.H. Baum, Koichiro Saga, Hitoshi Kuniyasu, Takeshi Hattori
Authors: Masayuki Wada, H. Takahashi, James Snow, Rita Vos, Thierry Conard, Paul W. Mertens, H. Shirakawa

Abstract: Since silicon will ultimately face physical limitations, germanium and III-V materials, such as Ga, GaAs, InGaAs, are being extensively...

Authors: Dennis H. van Dorp, Daniel Cuypers, Sophia Arnauts, Paul W. Mertens, Stefan de Gendt

Abstract: Compound semiconductors based on group III and V elements of the periodic system have high charge carrier mobility and are, therefore,...

Authors: W. Storm, H.A. Gerber, G.-F. Hohl, M. Naujok, R. Schmolke
Authors: Gyu Hyun Kim, Soon Young Park, Seung Seok Pyo, Ji Hye Han, Jung Nam Kim, Kee Joon Oh, Choon Kun Ryu, Yong Soo Choi, Noh Jung Kwak, Sung Ki Park

Abstract: As a design rule of memory devices is scaled down to sub-100 nm, shallow trench isolation (STI) technology is faced with gap-filling problem...

Authors: Sonja Sioncke, David P. Brunco, Marc Meuris, Olivier Uwamahoro, Jan Van Steenbergen, Evi Vrancken, Marc M. Heyns

Abstract: The Si transistor has dominated the semiconductor industry for decades. However, to fulfill the demands of Moore’s law, the Si transistor...

Authors: Ji Hyun Jeong, Bong Kyun Kang, Min Su Kim, Hong Seong Sohn, Ahmed A. Busnaina, Jin Goo Park

Abstract: In the semiconductor wafer cleaning, ammonium hydroxide based APM (ammonium peroxide mixture) has been widely used to remove particles and...

Authors: Ismail Kashkoush, Lewis Liu, Nick Yialamas, R. Novak
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