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Authors: Long Hui Nie, Ya Peng Meng, Bo Rui Yang, Zheng Qiang Xiao, Lei Fang, Shuai Hua Li

Abstract: A magnetically separable photocatalyst silver vanadates@SiO2/Fe3O4 was prepared by hydrothermal process....

Authors: Jia Bin Lu, Qiu Sheng Yan, Juan Yu, Hong Tian, Wei Qiang Gao

Abstract: In this study, Fe3O4 particles were used as magnetic particles to form Fe3O4 magnetorheological (MR) fluid, and experiments were conducted...

Authors: Bo Lin Liang

Abstract: Fe3O4/chitosan magnetic nanoparticles were prepared by chemical cross-linking technique, using dialdehyde starch as a...

Authors: Ching Hsing Lin, Yung Hsu Hsieh, Chen Yu Chang

Abstract: In this study, a new catalytic oxidation technology, microwave/Fe3O4 system, was used to treat volatile organic...

Authors: Kai Yuan Cheng, Chen Yu Chang, Yung Hsu Hsieh, Kuo Shan Yao, Ta Chih Cheng, Chun Yang Cheng

Abstract: A microwave/Fe3O4 catalytic system was proposed for treatment of volatile organic carbons (VOCs). This system comprises a household...

Authors: De Hui Sun, De Xin Sun, Yu Hao

Abstract: Magnetic iron oxide nanomaterials (e.g. Fe3O4 and γ-Fe2O3) with different morphologies have aroused extensive attention due to their...

Authors: Ji Mei Niu, Zhi Gang Zheng

Abstract: The Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles obtained by the aqueous coprecipitation method are characterized systematically using...

Authors: Takumi Nishimoto, Kazuhiko Honda, Yasumitsu Kondo, Kenichi Uemura

Abstract: The oxidation behavior of Fe–Si alloys at 1073K in air was investigated. The oxidation kinetics described by the parabolic rate law of...

Authors: R. Suresh, K. Giribabu, R. Manigandan, L. Vijayalakshmi, A. Stephen, V. Narayanan

Abstract: We have synthesized Fe3O4 nanoparticles by simple hydrothermal method. The synthesized material was characterized by...

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