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Authors: Yuan Yuan Cui, Yun Fei Jia, Fu Zhen Xuan

Abstract: The cyclic deformation behavior of the austenite and ferrite phase in an austenite-ferrite duplex stainless steel was studied by using the...

Authors: V. Dondur, Nenad Radić, Boško Grbić, Miha Drofenik

Abstract: In this paper the adsorption and oxidation of CO on nanocrystalline Au/γ-Fe2O3, Au/α- Fe2O3, γ-Fe2O3 and a series of mixed ferrite with...

Authors: T.Y. Hsu

Abstract: In order to diminish the industrial pollution to maintain the sustainable development and to reduce the cost of the steel production, a...

Authors: P. Perriat, B. Domenichini, B. Gillot, D. Aymes
Authors: P. Perriat, D. Aymes, B. Gillot, M. Nohair
Authors: Maxim V. Kuznetsov, Ivan P. Parkin, A. Kvick, S.M. Busurin, I.V. Shishkovskiy, Yuri G. Morozov

Abstract: New experimental methods for investigations of phase formation during SHS have been established. First experiments using penetrating...

Authors: Harshad K.D.H. Bhadeshia
Authors: Torsten Sjögren, Per Eric Persson, Peter Vomacka

Abstract: During the last years the use of digital image correlation techniques (DIC) has become wide spread within different areas of research. One...

Authors: Masaaki Igarashi, Koji Moriguchi, Seiichi Muneki, Fujio Abe, Yasuharu Shirai

Abstract: Creep deformation mechanism of the steels with a different matrix, α (ferrite), α’ (martensite) and γ (austenite), and precipitates such as...

Authors: Hong Yang, Zhe Yu Chen, Kun Yi Lv

Abstract: In this paper, we presented two types of ferrite&si double layer substrate microstrip lines structures and derived waveguide admittance...

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