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Authors: Adam Podstawka, Martin Kovar, Marek Foglar, Vladimir Kristek

Abstract: Paper compares and discusses two different layouts of testing of mechanical and fracture properties of FRC, the three-point bending test and...

Authors: Martin Kovar, Marek Foglar

Abstract: Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) has mechanical properties that enhance its suitability for use in structures subjected to high strain rates,...

Authors: Siti Asmahani Saad, Farah Nora Aznieta Abdul Aziz, Maisarah Ali

Abstract: Additional of fiber in concrete creates fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) with an improvement of the mechanical properties of the concrete....

Authors: Vladimír Suchánek, Matěj Slováček

Abstract: This report deals with the description of development of waterproof steel fibre reinforced concrete (suitable for concrete lining of tunnel...

Authors: Asif Jalal, Nasir Shafiq, Ehsan Nikbakht, Rabinder Kumar, Muhammad Zahid

Abstract: This study focuses on the study of the mechanical behavior of non-metallic hybrid Basalt-PVA fiber reinforced concrete. Total five mixes...

Authors: Naima Belhadj, Youcef Bouafia, Rebiha Smahi

Abstract: The damage mechanics allows a detailed modeling of reinforced concrete’s degradation phenomenon. The theory of isotropic damage leads to...

Authors: Martin Tipka, Jitka Vašková

Abstract: The paper deals with the determination of the modulus of elasticity in tension for cementitious composites and comparing these values with...

Authors: Josef Novak, Alena Kohoutkova

Abstract: The building industry offers a wide range of materials which can be used for the production of various structural elements. Fibre reinforced...

Authors: Jan Trejbal, Lubomír Kopecký, Jozef Fládr, Pavel Tesárek, Václav Nežerka, Zdeněk Prošek

Abstract: This work deals with determination of location of micro fibers positions in fiber-reinforced concrete. The digital images of sectioned...

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