Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

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Authors: Choon Yeol Lee, Il Sup Chung, Young Suck Chai
Abstract:A pressure plate, a component of the clutch system, was analyzed by two-dimensional and three-dimensional finite element method under three...
Authors: Dan Jiang, Ping Yang, Kun Jiang
Chapter 5: Materials in Energy and Environment (2)
Abstract:As a type of solid state switch, MR (magnetoresistive) sensor detects the air cylinder piston’s position in pneumatic control system. The...
Authors: Ying Zhou, Ming Hui Huang, Da Heng Mao, Tao Liang
Abstract:Three-dimensional FEM simulations of fluid-thermal analysis of the fluid fields including the front-box and the 3C-style nozzle of aluminum...
Authors: Da Wei Sun, Kang Ping Wang, Guo Dong Zhang, Hui Qin Yao
Other related topics
Abstract:3D finite element mesh for a 270m high CFRD was generated with advanced grid discretion technology. Adopting EI-Centro seismic wave with...
Authors: Mohamed Osman, Dian Tao Zhang, Yun Xiang Tong, Yu Feng Zheng, Li Li
Chapter 13: Materials Processing, Testing and Monitoring Technologies
Abstract:Equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) is widely studied for its potential to produce ultra-fine grained (UFG) structure in TiNi shape memory...
Authors: Qiang Song
Abstract:Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) is a non-destructive testing method used to inspect ferrous materials. However, apparatus parameters could affect...
Authors: Wei Yu, Qiang Feng, Cheng Zu Ren
Abstract:Abrasive machining is widely used as final machining process. It is still challenged to investigate the fundamental knowledge on the...
Authors: Rui Tao Peng, Fang Lu, Xin Zi Tang, Yuan Qiang Tan
Chapter 3: Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Abstract:In order to reveal the adjustment principle of prestressed cutting on the residual stress of hardened bearing steel GCr15, a...
Authors: Bin Zheng, Yong Qi Liu, Rui Xiang Liu, Jian Meng
Chapter 6: Applied Mechanics
Abstract:In this paper, with the ANSYS, stress distribution and safety factor of crankshaft were analyzed by using 3D finite element method. The...
Authors: Xiao Feng Lu, Cui Zhao
Abstract:Based on the finite element analysis software ABAQUS, a sequentially coupled fillet welding thermal-stress calculation program was developed...
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