Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

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Authors: Petr Král, Jiří Dluhoš, Pavel Peřina, Tomáš Barták
Chapter 2: Deformation Structures
Abstract:Experiments were conducted to determine microstructure changes occurring during thermal exposure in metals processed by equal-channel angular...
Authors: Michael Ferry, Wan Qiang Xu, M. Zakaria Quadir, Nasima Afrin Zinnia, Kevin J. Laws, Nora Mateescu, Lalu Robin, Lori Bassman, Julie M. Cairney, John F. Humphreys, Adeline Albou, Julian H. Driver
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Abstract:A focused ion beam (FIB) coupled with high resolution electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) has emerged as a useful tool for generating...
Authors: Q. Humayun, U. Hashim
Abstract:Fabrication techniques for Metal-molecule-metal junction electrodes suitable to study electron tunneling through metal junctions are...
Authors: Fabio Sorbello, Peter E.J. Flewitt, A.G. Crocker, Gillian E. Smith
Abstract:It is well established that within the lower-shelf temperature range of Fe2-3Si polycrystalline steels, the brittle fracture occurs...
Authors: Yi Qing Chen, Feng Zai Tang, Liang Chi Zhang
Chapter 2: Nanotechnology and Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems
Abstract:This paper reports the specimen preparation using an advanced dual beam focused ion beam (FIB) technique for bulk polycrystalline diamond...
Authors: Jiří Man, Miroslav Valtr, Ivo Kuběna, Martin Petrenec, Karel Obrtlík, Jaroslav Polák
X. Cyclic Deformation and Crack Initiation
Abstract:Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and focused ion beam technique (FIB) were adopted to study the early stages of surface relief evolution in 316L...
Authors: Kee Hyun Kim, Benny van Daele, Gustaaf Van Tendeloo, Yong Sug Chung, Jong Kyu Yoon
Abstract:A hot dip aluminising process was carried out with a 1mm steel sheet dipped into the Al-10at.% Si melt in an automatic hot-dip simulator....
Authors: Wan Qiang Xu, Michael Ferry, Julie M. Cairney, John F. Humphreys
Abstract:A typical dual-beam platform combines a focused ion beam (FIB) microscope with a field emission gun scanning electron microscope (FEGSEM)....
Authors: N. Atiqah, I.H. Jaafar, Mohammad Yeakub Ali, B. Asfana
Chapter 5: High Energy Beam Processing
Abstract:Fabrication of micro and nanoscale components are in high demand for various applications in diversified fields that include automotive,...
Authors: L. Bischoff, J. Teichert
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