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Authors: Jean Guillaume Orliac, Adrien Charmetant, Fabrice Morestin, Philippe Boisse, Stephane Otin

Abstract: In order to simulate 3D interlock composite reinforcement behavior in forming processes like Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), it is necessary...

Authors: Ge Yan Fu, Shi Hong Shi

Abstract: Coating samples prepared by laser cladding were subjected to repeated impact fatigue experiment. It is observed through phenomenological...

Authors: Bernd Engel, Christopher Kuhnhen, Christian Mathes, Christopher Heftrich, Peter Frohn, Sebastian Groth

Abstract: During the bending of tubes, specific geometric deviations from the desired shape geometry occur. These deformations comprise...

Authors: Horst Meier, O. Dewald, Jian Zhang

Abstract: This paper describes a new sheet metal forming process for the production of sheet metal components for limited-lot productions and...

Authors: Philipp Hildenbrand, Michael Lechner, Marion Merklein

Abstract: Applying bulk forming processes on sheet metals enables the manufacturing of functional components with local wall thickness distributions....

Authors: Walid Najjar, Xavier Legrand, Cedric Pupin, Philippe Dal Santo, Serge Boude

Abstract: In this paper, a discrete approach for the simulation of the preforming of dry woven reinforcement is proposed. A “unit cell” is built using...

Authors: L. Mosse, Wesley J. Cantwell, M.J. Cardew-Hall, Paul Compston, Shankar Kalyanasundaram

Abstract: The quality of the part and the robustness of the process in stamp-forming of sheet materials are determined by a number of variables. This...

Authors: Nazim Baluch, Nordin Norani, Shahimi Mohtar

Abstract: To improve crash worthiness and fuel economy, the automotive industry is, increasingly, using Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS). However,...

Authors: Roland Ritt, Martín Machado, Michael Fischlschweiger, Zoltan Major, Thomas Antretter

Abstract: A methodology to calculate surface strains from a rectangular grid placed on a forming blank is introduced. This method consists of treating...

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