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Authors: Z.L. Li, F.L. Zhan, S.H. Du
Authors: Kuang-Chong Wu

Abstract: A novel integral equation method is developed in this paper for the analysis of two-dimensional general piezoelectric cracked bodies. In...

Authors: T.L. Becker, Jr., R.M. Cannon, Robert O. Ritchie
Authors: Wei Shen Zhu, Shu Cai Li, R.H.C. Wong, K.T. Chau, Jian Xu
Authors: Kuo Cheng Huang, Min Wei Hung, Shih Feng Tseng, Chi Hung Hwang

Abstract: Thermal fracture-cutting technology (TFCT) for brittle materials has become the main technology for LCD glass substrate cutting to meet the...

Authors: G. Savaidis, A. Savaidis, O. Hertel, M. Vormwald

Abstract: Based on Dankert’s et al. [1] initial model for the elastic-plastic evaluation of fatigue crack growth in sheets providing elliptical...

Authors: P.H. Wen, M.H. Aliabadi

Abstract: . In this paper a variational technique is developed to calculate stress intensity factors with high accuracy using the element free Glerkin...

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