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Authors: Qing Sen Meng, Shao Ping Chen, Q.L. Wang, Z.A. Munir

Abstract: In this paper, the synthesis of four-layered functionally graded materials (FGMs) samples of (TiB2)pNi/(TiB2)p(Ni+Ni3Al)/ Ni3Al with...

Authors: You Zhen Yu, Yi Qun Sun

Abstract: The problems of functionally graded materials are supposed to be studied incorporating their microstructures. The microelement method...

Authors: Ahmed Zerkane, Khalid El Bikri, Rhali Benamar

Abstract: The present work deals with a homogenization procedure (HP), which is developed to reduce the problem of geometrically nonlinear free...

Authors: Ming Lu Wang

Abstract: The governing equation of elastic FGM thin plates was obtained by degenerating the governing equation of viscoelastic FGM thin plates. A...

Authors: Pierre Muller, Jean Yves Hascoet, Pascal Mognol

Abstract: Developments in additive manufacturing add possibilities to produce three-dimensional industrial parts. Nowadays, customized parts can be...

Authors: Lu Wang, Yong Zhao, X.T. Zhu, Y. Wang

Abstract: Silver metal oxides (Ag/MeO) are extensively used as electrical contact materials in switching systems. A contact material with ideal...

Authors: Glaucio H. Paulino, Alok Sutradhar

Abstract: This paper presents a Galerkin boundary element method for solving crack problems governed by potential theory in nonhomogeneous media. In...

Authors: Qing Jie Zhang, Peng Cheng Zhai, Run Zhang Yuan
Authors: S. Yoneda, E. Ohta, Yoshikazu Shinohara, T. Kimura, Isao A. Nishida, H.T. Kaibe
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