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Authors: Qi Wang, Yang Li, Si Dan Du
Abstract: RTD (resonant tunneling diode) is a nonlinear device in nm scale level and operates at ps time level which is promising to be used into integrated circuits in the coming years. J.N.Schulmans physical model has beenproven to be suitable to emulate the device accurately. In this paper, a novelRTD based on new material structure is proposed which could reach a relative high PVCR (peak-valley-current-ratio). Then NFP (Nonlinear Fitting based on Physical model) method which is suitable to calculate the parameters for Schulmans physical model more quickly is proposed. At the end of paper the SPICE model of the proposed RTD is proven that it could emulate the RTD device, and shows its application ability in high frequency oscillation circuit.
Authors: Takahisa Ohno, Taizo Sasaki
Authors: Takahisa Ohno, Taizo Sasaki, Akihito Taguchi
Authors: D. Jishiashvili, R. Dzhanelidze, Z. Shiolashvili, I. Nakhutsrishvili
Authors: A. Kazlauskas, B. Ullrich, K. Misawa, Takayuki Kobayashi
Authors: B. Kaufmann, D. Haase, Achim Dörnen, C. Hiller, Klaus Pressel
Authors: Wei Cheng, Cang Lu Hu, Gang Cheng Jiao, Zhuang Miao, Ni Zhang
Abstract: Transmissivity and reflectivity of GaAs photocathode get from spectrophotometer are measured and analyzed according to various wave bands, so that the corresponding optics parameter is obtained. The typical optics parameter of various GaAs photocathode has been summarized. For blue-light extension photocathode, the diffraction peak will be close to ultraviolet wave band from the reflection curve. The thickness of Active layer film and optimal Si3N4 film on the GaAlAs layer have been acquired. The experimental and analyzed results have shown that the Si3N4 film on the GaAlAs layer should be about 1000A when the the GaAs photocathode got the optimum performance.The thickness of Active layer film should not be too thick to escape of electron and too thin to transfer of photon-electron. The experiment shows that the spectrophotometer can analyze epitaxial material and assist the manufacture of GaAs photocathode.
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