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Authors: Ning Jie Guo, Hui Ling Tai, Zong Biao Ye, Guang Zhong Xie

Abstract: In this paper, the graphene-polyaniline (PANI) nanocomposite thin film was prepared by the in situ self-assembly method for the ammonia...

Authors: Ni Jing Wang, Xiao An Cao, Rui Wen He, Yong Hui Liu, Yi Jun Huang

Abstract: A new gas sensor was designed based on cataluminescence (CTL) by using catalytic reduction of benzene, toluene and xylene (BTEX) on the...

Authors: An Jie Ming, Yao Hui Ren, Yu Zhang, Le Zhang, Wen Bo Zhang, Zhen Xin Tan, Wen Ou, Qiu Lin Tan, Hai Yang Mao, Ji Jun Xiong, Da Peng Chen

Abstract: Many gas molecules absorb electromagnetic radiation at characteristic wavelengths in the infrared region. This absorption can be used to...

Authors: N. Zouadi, N. Gabouze, D. Bradai, D. Dahmane

Abstract: The hydrogen-sensing property of new type field-effect gas sensor device was studied. The device had an FET structure based on porous...

Authors: Jin Zhang, Yu Min Zhang, Chang Yi Hu, Zhong Qi Zhu, Qing Ju Liu

Abstract: The gas-sensing properties of zinc doped lanthanum ferrite (Zn-LaFeO3) compounds for formaldehyde were investigated in this...

Authors: Yan Bing Xue, Zhen An Tang

Abstract: A novel suspended ceramic hot-plate and wire-free bonding interconnection was investigated. The device was made on the popular alumina...

Authors: Akira Fujimoto, Masamitsu Kita

Abstract: A model of transient response of semiconductor gas sensor was improved by considering temperature dependency of carrier mobility in SnO2 gas...

Authors: Kenshiro Nakashima, Yasuo Okuyama, Shinji Ando, Osamu Eryu, Koji Abe, H. Yokoi, T. Oshima
Authors: Kao Wen Zhou, Zi Qiao Zhang, Li Jing Xing, Xin Li, Chun Xue Fu

Abstract: A new sensor based on cataluminescence (CTL) produced on the surface of nanosized TiW3Cr2O14 was demonstrated for direct determination of...

Authors: Yu Min Zhang, Chang Yi Hu, Jin Zhang, Qing Ju Liu, Qin Zhu, Zhong Qi Zhu

Abstract: A novel gas sensor for the determination of formaldehyde was developed based on molecular imprinting technique (MIT). MIT was for the first...

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