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Authors: A. Martín-Meizoso, J.M. Martínez Esnaola
Authors: Emilie Ferrié, Jean Yves Buffière, Wolfgang Ludwig

Abstract: In-situ fatigue tests monitored by Synchrotron Radiation X-ray microtomography were carried out in order to visualize the three dimensional...

Authors: T.V. Zaporozhets, I.V. Sobchenko, Andriy Gusak

Abstract: The 3D Monte Carlo scheme is proposed for simulation of simultaneous self-consistent current redistribution, surface diffusion, drift and...

Authors: Rabab Khalid Sendi, Shahrom Mahmud, Amna Sirelkhatim

Abstract: Zinc oxide-based varistors are semiconductor ceramics. Their excellent nonlinear electrical behaviors are induced from their grain...

Authors: Valeri I. Orlov, Olga V. Feklisova, Eugene B. Yakimov

Abstract: A comparative study of multicrystalline Si based solar cells and plastically deformed single crystalline Si by the EBIC, LBIC and XBIC...

Authors: Ke Tong, Fei Ye, Ya Kun Wang, Feng Zhou

Abstract: The preferential sites for vacancies on a series of symmetric tilt grain boundaries in copper have been investigated by molecular dynamics...

Authors: X. Zhou, G.D. Watkins, K.M. McNamara Rutledge
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