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Authors: V. Laporte, Krzysztof Wolski, Pascal Berger, A. Terlain, Gerard Santarini

Abstract: The consequences of the contact between liquid bismuth and a copper bicrystal are investigated at 500°C. Atoms of bismuth are shown to...

Authors: Wolfgang Ludwig, S.F. Nielsen, Henning Friis Poulsen, Daniel Bellet
Authors: Witold Łojkowski, Eugen Rabkin, Boris B. Straumal, W. Gust
Authors: Renaud Frappier, Pascal Paillard, René Le Gall, Thomas Dupuy

Abstract: This study characterizes the mechanical behavior of an advanced multiphase high strength steel by means of high temperature tensile testing....

Authors: Krzysztof Wolski, N. Marie, V. Laporte, Pascal Berger, M. Biscondi

Abstract: A model Ni-Bi system has been used to investigate intergranular penetration (IGP) phenomenon. All experiments have been done on Ni 26°<110>...

Authors: I. Apykhtina, Boris S. Bokstein, Anatoly S. Ostrovsky, A. Petelin, Alexey O. Rodin, David J. Srolovitz
Authors: I. Apykhtina, Boris S. Bokstein, S. Gulevskii, Olga Kozlova, A. Petelin, S. Rakov, Alexey O. Rodin
Authors: Evgeny E. Glickman

Abstract: Thermodynamic conditions for spontaneous grain boundary wetting (GBW) and stress driven liquid metal embrittlement (LME) are related to each...

Authors: Witold Łojkowski, Akira Otsuki, A. Morawski
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