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Authors: L. Wcislak, Helmut Klein, Hans Joachim Bunge, U. Garbe, J.R. Schneider
Authors: Sang Bong Yi, Heinz Günter Brokmeier, R. Bolmaro, Karl Ulrich Kainer, Jens Homeyer
Abstract: The texture influence on the mechanical behavior during uniaxial tension was studied in AZ31 (Mg – 3 Al – 1 Zn in wt.%), one of the common wrought Mg alloys. Since three tensile samples were cut in 0°, 45°, 90° to the extrusion direction, the initial bar texture influences on the mechanical behavior differently. In-situ texture measurements were carried out using hard X-rays under loading condition. According to the initial texture loading results in a variation of the mechanical behavior (yield strength, ultimate tensile strength and strain hardening rate) and in different final textures. The different texture development in each sample relates directly to the activation of different deformation systems, which is strongly influenced by the initial texture
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