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Authors: Ling Luo, Bai Song Du, Hong Luo

Abstract: Based on the purpose of the bridge health monitoring, a new health monitoring system, including hardware and software part, is proposed for...

Authors: Ling Luo, Hong Luo, Bai Song Du

Abstract: In the companion paper, a new health monitoring system with five sub-systems is proposed for cable-stayed bridges. In this paper, for a...

Authors: Yi Li, Zhong Guo, Bao Chun Chen

Abstract: The deflection which reflects the bridge linear variety is an important parameter for the evaluation of bridge safety. According to the...

Authors: Guang Pan Zhou, Ai Qun Li, Na Li, Jian Hui Li

Abstract: For the purpose of grasping the stress state, vibration characteristics and safety of the steel arch in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, which...

Authors: Xing Xin Li, Wei Xin Ren, Ji Wei Zhong

Abstract: In order to make good use of large-span suspension bridge health monitoring system, the design for Wuhan Yangluo Yangtze River Bridge health...

Authors: Xiu Yong Wang, Wang Long Lei, Yi Yang, Qi Yang, Hong Xin Sun

Abstract: Based on the monitoring data of Jiujiang Bridge Health Monitoring System, the relation of the temperature and girder stress for the concrete...

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