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Authors: Valentin V. Emtsev, Boris A. Andreev, Gagik A. Oganesyan, D.I. Kryzhkov, Andrzej Misiuk, Charalamos A. Londos, M.S. Potsidi

Abstract: Effects of compressive stress on oxygen agglomeration processes in Czochralski grown silicon heat treated at T= 450OC, used as a reference...

Authors: F.Z. Boujrhal, El Kebir Hlil, R.Cherkaoui El Moursli, T. El Khoukhi, B. Sghir

Abstract: Comparative radon investigations of two natural materials, crystalline apatite and amorphous oxide, are presented here. The radon retention...

Authors: Zhan Qiang Liu, Xing Ai, Zhao Hui Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a comparison study of surface hardening by grinding versus machining. The technological, economical and ecological...

Authors: Ji Yong Yao, D.A. Graham, Malcolm J. Couper
Authors: Jeong Tae Kim, Chae Ho Lim, Jeong Kil Choi, Young Kook Lee

Abstract: New method for evaluation of heat transfer coefficient is proposed. In general, many researchers have been studied about inverse problem in...

Authors: Imre Felde, Imre Czinege, B. Smoljan, Rafael Colás

Abstract: A novel numerical approach for testing and evaluation of quenching media and quenching systems is outlined. The technique proposed is based...

Authors: Zhao Han, Hong Min Zhu

Abstract: Nano-sized nickel powders were prepared through a wet chemical reduction, of NiCl2 by sodium in liquid ammonia at -45 °C, and a...

Authors: Rodolfo Franchi, Antonio del Prete, Gabriele Papadia

Abstract: The workpiece distortion that occurs during machining, can lead to a large increase in the number of the scrap parts. Residual stresses are...

Authors: Roger N. Lumley

Abstract: Until recently, the solution heat treatment of conventional aluminum high pressure die cast (HPDC) parts has been considered impractical...

Authors: Anuj Singh Baghel, Ankur Tiwari, R.S. Rana, Vilas Warudkar

Abstract: Aluminium, being the second most abundant metal in earth’s crust, has emerged as an important metal in human civilization’s development. It...

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