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Authors: Sara Paganoni, Dina D’Ayala

Abstract: Since earthquakes such as Northbridge (1994) and Kobe (1995) gave the impetuous for the development of performance-based design methods,...

Authors: Christopher J. Whitman

Abstract: According to the latest official census of 2002, earth construction represented 5.5% of the Chilean building stock. These buildings of...

Authors: Hua Yong Wu, Daniele Zonta, Matteo Pozzi, Paolo Zanon, Michele Corrà

Abstract: An automatic diagnostic monitoring system can guarantee the safety and integrity of a historic building. In this paper, we describe the long...

Authors: Maria Adelaide Parisi, Mariapaola Riggio, Chiara Tardini, Maurizio Piazza

Abstract: Synthetic methods for the diagnosis of structures and particularly for their vulnerability assessment rely on simplified calculations and...

Authors: Luigia Binda, Claudio Chesi, Maria Adelaide Parisi

Abstract: The earthquake that hit the city of L’Aquila, in central Italy, on the 6th of April 2009 has severely damaged most of the heritage buildings...

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