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Authors: R.K. Dutta, R.M. Huizenga, M. Amirthalingam, H. Gao, A. King, M.J.M. Hermans, I.M. Richardson

Abstract: The effect of plastic deformation of austenite at elevated temperatures on the kinetics ofphase transformations during continuous cooling...

Authors: P. Hein

Abstract: The use of quenched boron steel components is an economic way to achieve significant improvements in terms of weight saving and crash...

Authors: Karin Yvell, Michael Lindgren, Ulf Bexell

Abstract: Due to high production rates and the possibility to form complex geometries roll forming has become an increasingly popular forming process...

Authors: Zhi Jie Jiao, Jian Ping Li, Jie Sun

Abstract: High strength steels, such as austenitic stainless steel, Transformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP) steel and silicon steel, have significant...

Authors: Chang Qing Zhang, Xi Jing Wang, Bo Qiang Li

Abstract: Friction stir blind riveting (FSBR) is a new joining process which eliminates the need to predrill a hole for rivet insertion. Lap joint...

Authors: Reimund Neugebauer, V. Kräusel, H. Bräunlich

Abstract: The application of high-tensile sheet metal materials in car body construction requires the development of new production strategies for...

Authors: M. Takahashi, A. Uenishi, H. Yoshida, H. Kuriyama

Abstract: There has been a big demand for increased vehicle safety and weight reduction of auto-bodies. An extensive use of high strength steels is...

Authors: Miklós Tisza

Abstract: In this paper, some recent developments in materials applied in sheet metal forming processes will be overviewed mainly from the viewpoint...

Authors: Yong Joon Cho, In Sung Chang, Heui Bom Lee

Abstract: While resistance spot welding (RSW) has been the most successful sheet metal joining process in automotive industry, there are still...

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