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Authors: A.Y. Hudeish, C.K. Tan, Azlan Abdul Aziz, Hassan Zainuriah

Abstract: There is a particular interest in the development of wide band gap semiconductor gas sensor because of their potential for high temperature...

Authors: John Dunlop, Yves Bréchet, Laurent Legras

Abstract: During transport of spent Zircaloy-4 fuel rods, cladding temperatures can be expected to rise well over 400°C for transportation periods...

Authors: Hong Yun Ma, Li He Yin, Jun Zhang, Jin Ting Huang, Xiao yong Wang, Jia Qiu Dong

Abstract: Isotopic fractionation is the basic study of isotope tracer method. The most common fractionation of water in the natural is diffusion...

Authors: M. Johari Roudi, T. Mahmoodi

Abstract: Graphene is a 2D lattice of Carbon atoms which has a high potential to use it for hydrogen storage. In this paper we have studied...

Authors: X. Zhou, G.D. Watkins, K.M. McNamara Rutledge
Authors: Fabrizio Reale, Raffaela Calabria, Fabio Chiariello, Rocco Pagliara, Patrizio Massoli

Abstract: The combustion efficiency and the gaseous emission of a 100 kWe MGT, designed for working with natural gas but fuelled with blends...

Authors: Zhi Guo Tang, P.Y. Ma, J.P. Cheng, Y.L. Li, Q.Z. Lin

Abstract: Hydrogen from biomass gasification is reviewed as one of the promising clean energies approaches in the future for fuel cell. However, the...

Authors: Mikhail A. Bubenchikov, Alexander I. Potekaev, Alexey M. Bubenchikov

Abstract: We discuss one of the schemes of hydrogen evolution from a natural gas mixture. The scheme relies on the use of membranes formed by graphene...

Authors: Yun Xue, Hai Quan Cao, Xue Cheng Lu

Abstract: Review is made of research on LPG engine and hydrogen fueled or enriched engine. Based on the positive features of hydrogen and the current...

Authors: Ervin Tal-Gutelmacher, Ryota Gemma, Eugen Nikitin, Astrid Pundt, Reiner Kirchheim

Abstract: Titanium and its conventional alloys reveal a high affinity for hydrogen, being capable to absorb up to 60 at.% hydrogen at 600°C, and even...

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