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Authors: Yu Mei Gong, Qing Liang, Jing Chuan Song, Ling Ming Xia

Abstract: This paper presents the preparation of bimodal crystalline macro-/mesoporous titania powders by using a pluronic polymer (EO20PO70EO20,...

Authors: Yu Mei Gong, Yi Wen Li, Na Zhao, Mei Yan Chen, Hong Zhang, Jing Guo

Abstract: In this paper, a kind of fibrous TiO2 has been prepared through hydrothermal synthesis and a paper fabricated from the fibrous...

Authors: G.İ. Öztürk, H.T. Vakos, W. Voelter, A. Taralp
Authors: Masoud Karimipour, Mozhdeh Khancheh Zar, Mehdi Molaei

Abstract: In this work we have synthesized TiO2 nanostructures using a modified autoclave-free hydrothermal method from bulk powders. In...

Authors: Seung Yup Jeon, Eun Ju Chae, Won Ki Lee, Gun Dae Lee, Seong Soo Hong, Seog Young Yoon, Seong Soo Park

Abstract: Ni nanosheet has been prepared at various temperature and time with anion surfactant by chemical reduction of the nickel ion complexes...

Authors: Hong Yun, Chang Jian Lin, Qun Jie Xu

Abstract: Anatase of TiO2films were supplied on the surface of 316L stainless steel by a sol–gel process followed by hydrothermal treatment...

Authors: Robabeh Bashiri, Norani Muti Mohamed, Chong Fai Kait, Suriati Sufian

Abstract: Cu-Ni/TiO2 was prepared using sol–hydrothermal method. Response surface Method (RSM) including central composite design (CCD) was...

Authors: Mohd Khairul Bin Ahmad, Kenji Murakami

Abstract: Rutile titanium dioxide nanorods (TNR) were successfully prepared by hydrothermal method. By using hydrochloric acid (HCl) as chelating...

Authors: Ghim Wei Ho, Andrew See Weng Wong

Abstract: For any future cost-effective applications of inorganic nanostructures in particular hybrid photovoltaic cell, solution processable and...

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