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Authors: S. Mohammadi, S. Forouzan-Sepehr
Authors: Min You, Jia Ling Yan, Xiao Ling Zheng, Ding Feng Zhu, Jing Rong Hu

Abstract: The effect of the adhesive thickness and elastic modulus on the stress distribution in the mid-bondline of the adhesively-bonded steel/steel...

Authors: Xiao Dong Li, Fan Zhao

Abstract: Development of 3D printing technology brings revolutionary changes to the future of manufacturing. Based on the development of 3D printing...

Authors: Konstantin Jonas Schubert, Axel Siegfried Herrmann

Abstract: One of the largest issues remaining on the way to in situ Structural Health Monitoring of composite structures using Lamb waves is the...

Authors: Michele Buonsanti, Giovanni Leonardi

Abstract: This paper using finite elements (FE) an approach to determine the contact stresses in a flexible pavement under landing aircraft loads is...

Authors: Choumad Ould, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Manuel François, Jean Louis Chaboche

Abstract: Experimental analysis can be very costly and time consuming when searching for the optimal process parameters of a new shot-peening...

Authors: Hong Wei Guo, Zhong Jie Li, Zong Quan Deng, Chuang Shi, Rong Qiang Liu

Abstract: A novel intermittent mechanism and low-impact deployment hinge based on intermittent mechanism are presented in this paper. This application...

Authors: Ya Ping Ding, Xiao Yan Tong, Yong Tao Liu, Yong Liao

Abstract: To simulate the impact response of the moving body in the permanent magnetic actuator, this paper takes the magnetic force of the moving...

Authors: Xiao Tian Zhang, Guang Hui Jia, Hai Huang

Abstract: A method for material fragmentation based on Lagrangian FEM with the concept of nodes separation is proposed. This method is consisted of...

Authors: Jun Wang, Wei Yi Li

Abstract: Abrasive waterjet machining involves the impact of micro-particles at high or ultrahigh velocities. The material removal mechanism for...

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