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Authors: Jia Tai Gang, Peng Yan Shi, San Shan Gang

Abstract: A cellular automata model with inhomogeneity and mobility was presented. The inhomogeneity in individuals’ behaviors was considered by...

Authors: D.J. Ewing, Qamar-ul Wahab, Sergey P. Tumakha, Leonard J. Brillson, X.Y. Ma, Tangali S. Sudarshan, L.M. Porter

Abstract: In this study, we performed a statistical analysis of 500 Ni Schottky diodes distributed across a 2-inch, n-type 4H-SiC wafer with an...

Authors: Vladimir I. Andreev

Abstract: It is generally considered within analysis the residual stresses that unloading occurs on elastic law. For large initial loads, some...

Authors: Shu Hong Wang, Heek Wang Lee, Xing Dong Zhao, Ahmad Bashir

Abstract: When a tunnel or an underground structure is excavated in rock mass, rock disturbed or damaged zone (EDZ) is formed around the excavation...

Authors: Zhe Jiang Li, Jia Shun Hu, Lin Qing Li, Liang De He

Abstract: Finite element procedure was used to build a spatial model of a perforated caisson, the result was compared with the one that was calculated...

Authors: Zhi Ying Ou, Dong Xia Lei

Abstract: The residual stresses induced in functionally graded medium (FGM) with inhomogeneity cooling down from the processing temperature are...

Authors: Zuzana Hutyrová, Imrich Orlovský

Abstract: This paper present problem of the examination of the parameters of cutting process on the micro-geometric and macro-geometric parameters...

Authors: Tsuyoshi Yukimoto, Hiroshi Utsunomiya, Tetsuo Sakai

Abstract: 1050 aluminum sheet was cold-rolled by 50% with mineral oil. Hardness was measured on longitudinal section through the thickness of the...

Authors: V.A. Ignatchenko, D.S. Tsikalov

Abstract: The dynamic susceptibility and the one-dimensional density of states (DOS) of an initially sinusoidal superlattice (SL) with simultaneous...

Authors: V. Kažukauskas, E. Kuprusevičius, Juozas Vidmantis Vaitkus, Kenway M. Smith
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