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Authors: Jia Zhang, Shu Bin He, Guo Liang Wang, Shu Ying Qu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the deformation and strength under horizontal dynamic load of the model which acquired the first prize on the 3rd...

Authors: Guillem Quintana, Joaquim de Ciurana, Daniel Teixidor, I. Ferrer

Abstract: In milling operations, cutting edge impacts due to the interaction between the cutter and the workpiece excite vibrations. It is possible to...

Authors: Daniel Teixidor, Guillem Quintana, Joaquim de Ciurana

Abstract: Surface roughness influences the performance of a finished part. In machining operations, the surface roughness generated is influenced by...

Authors: Bi Wen Li, Feng Wei Yuan, Liang Bin Hu

Abstract: In our country, the training target and cultivation mode of mechanical engineering in universities seems to akin to each other. Besides...

Authors: Ming Wang, Tan Shan

Abstract: At present, in the artistic design education in Colleges of China appeared in the realm of" enterprise education" as the core content of the...

Authors: Qian Qi

Abstract: During the teaching of automatic control principle, though both teachers and students realize the importance of the innovation, they are...

Authors: Jun Hu Tang, Qing Hua Wang

Abstract: Case teaching experience summed up the unique advantages of risk management. Case Teaching should explore how to develop, how to prepare,...

Authors: Zhian Yi, Juan Du, Tie Liang Liu

Abstract: Cultivating the students’ awareness and consciousness of the innovation is not only the needs of the times, but also one of the core works...

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