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Authors: W. Li, B. Rodgers, D.J. Brookfield, John E. Mottershead, T.K. Hellen, R. Howard-Hildige, J. Jarvis, R. Lohr, A. Carlton, Maurice P. Whelan
Authors: T. Holz, Reiner Dietsch, H. Mai, L. Brügemann
Authors: P. Van der Sluis
Authors: Trevor J. Holroyd

Abstract: The use of AE for testing the integrity of structures has a long history but its use for continuous monitoring of structures is not so well...

Authors: Michael F. Kuechel, Daniel M. Sykora

Abstract: Recent developments in next generation disc technology, cameras in mobile phones, zoom-lenses for small digital cameras and camcorders,...

Authors: Hawsawi Abbas, Norikane Kanai

Abstract: The control engineering technology is a huge field of study. Above all, the instrumentation and control, likewise the plant automation has...

Authors: Daniele Inaudi, Pascale Favez, Riccardo Belli, Daniele Posenato

Abstract: The dynamic monitoring of civil structures such as buildings and bridges is traditionally approached using acceleration and velocity...

Authors: Paulo Jose Rocha Albuquerque, David de Carvalho

Abstract: This paper presents the results of two load tests carried out in a continuous flight auger pile of 0.4 m in diameter and 12 m in length. The...

Authors: Kurt Walther, Alexander Frischbutter, Christian Scheffzük, M. Korobshenko, F. Levshanovski, A. Kirillov, N. Astachova, S. Mureshkevich

Abstract: This paper describes the modernized diffractometer EPSILON-MDS for strain measurements of geological samples by means of neutron diffraction...

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