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Authors: In Kyu Kim, Sun Ig Hong

Abstract: The effect of heat treatment on the bending deformability and fracture behavior of roll-bonded Cu/Al/Cu clad plates were investigated....

Authors: In Kyu Kim, Sun Ig Hong

Abstract: The microstructures and bending properties of STS439/Al1050/STS304 clad plates were investigated after annealing process at various...

Authors: Hyung Jin Kim, Sun Ig Hong

Abstract: In this study, electro nickel coating was applied and its effect on the interfacial stability and cracking behaviors were investigated in...

Authors: A. Baazaoui, T. Fourcade, Olivier Dalverny, Joël Alexis, Moussa Karama

Abstract: This paper deals with an identification methodology of the interfacial fracture parameters to predict the lifetime of a metallic brazed...

Authors: Daniela Popescu, Corina Cernăianu, Cristian Bratu, Eugenia Stăncuț

Abstract: No one wants a material to fail. If it does happen then we have to know what the causes are and then what is the intensity at which it...

Authors: In Kyu Kim, Sun Ig Hong

Abstract: The interface cracking and fracture behaviors of as-roll-bonded and heat-treated 3-ply Cu/Al/Cu clad metal were investigated Interfacial...

Authors: Hong Wei Liu, Jing Bo Yu

Abstract: The interface is the area where two type of materials are connected, the strength and property of interface are important for the...

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