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Authors: Xiang Dong Ma, Xin Yang Wang, Ji Wen Li, Shi Zhong Wei

Abstract: Brazing with active filler alloys containing some active elements, which promotes wetting of ceramics surfaces, is one of the most widely...

Authors: Amitava Ghorai, D. Roy

Abstract: In this paper different techniques for sandwich thin film production, characterization and interfacial reactions have been reviewed in order...

Authors: Ming Yang, Xin Ma, Ming Yu Li

Abstract: The coarsening behavior of Cu6Sn5 grains formed at the Sn37Pb/Polycrystalline Cu interface is investigated in terms of...

Authors: Mohammad A. Jafar Mazumder

Abstract: The design of new technologies for treatment of human disorders is a complex and difficult task. The aim of this article is to explore state...

Authors: J.E. Indacochea, A. Polar, S.M. McDeavitt

Abstract: This paper describes the metallurgical interfacial reactions at elevated temperatures between reactive zirconium metal and stable oxide...

Authors: D. Lizarazu, Pierre Steinmetz, J.L. Bernard
Authors: Yawara Hayashi, Ikuo Shohji, Yusuke Nakata, Tomihito Hashimoto

Abstract: To create a high reliability solder joint using IMCs dispersed in the joint, the joints with four types of lead-free solder were...

Authors: Hardinna Wirda Kahar, A.M. Zetty Akhtar, Siti Rabiatull Aisha Idris, Mahadzir Ishak

Abstract: This paper presents a study on relationship of cooling rates towards the intermetallic compound (IMC) morphology. Cooling rate is an...

Authors: Li Li Wang, Jia Rong Li, Ding Zhong Tang, Guo Hong Gu, Xin Li, Jian Sheng Yao, Hong Na Fan, Shu Xin Niu

Abstract: The characterization of the interfaces between DD6 single crystal superalloy and zirconia-silica (ZrO2-SiO2) ceramic...

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