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Authors: J. Molimard, R. Cordero, A. Vautrin

Abstract: Optical Full Field Techniques (OFFT) are more and more utilized by mechanical laboratories. Among these methods, interferometry techniques...

Authors: Alexander Höink, Karl Meiners-Hagen, Otto Jusko, Ahmed Abou-Zeid

Abstract: The experimental results for the determination of the form of thin cylinders (Ø ~ 2.5 mm) as well as step heights of gauge blocks (~ 100 µm)...

Authors: Nan Zhao, Zhi Yuan Sun

Abstract: Interferometry is a very important method in high accuracy measurement for optical system. This article briefly introduced the conception of...

Authors: Torsten Mai, Guido Bartl, Arnold Nicolaus, Andreas Peter

Abstract: For the aimed redefinition of the SI-unit kilogram the international Avogadro group is to measure the amount of substance of a silicon...

Authors: Suejit Pechprasarn, Terry W.K. Chow, Kodchakorn Ittipornnuson, Michael G. Somekh, Naphat Albutt

Abstract: In this paper, we firstly explain the concept of surface plasmon resonance imaging and a main key issue in the field of localized SPR...

Authors: Michael F. Kuechel, Daniel M. Sykora

Abstract: Recent developments in next generation disc technology, cameras in mobile phones, zoom-lenses for small digital cameras and camcorders,...

Authors: Ian A. Ashcroft, S. Erpolat, J. Tyrer
Authors: L. Devesa, M. Vaz, J. Sousa Cirne, Nuno Ferreira Rilo, Rui M. Leal
Authors: W. Storm, H.A. Gerber, G.-F. Hohl, M. Naujok, R. Schmolke
Authors: Jack R. Little Jr.

Abstract: Advanced ceramic materials are required to meet increasing high temperature demands of components in advanced propulsion engines for high...

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