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Authors: Ying Liu, Feng Xu, Bing De Wang

Abstract: nternal high pressure forming is a new technology producing hollow light components. Due to the process of internal high pressure forming is...

Authors: Bohuslav Mašek, Ivan Vorel, Hana Jirková, Petr Kurka

Abstract: All sectors of industry experience high demand for shaped products with as good mechanical properties as possible at low costs. Automotive...

Authors: Gang Liu, Stephan Jäger, Klaus Siegert

Abstract: The paper researched formability ability of AZ31 Mg-alloy tube by hot pneumatic bulging. FEM simulations were carried out to reveal the...

Authors: Cong Han, Shi Jian Yuan, L.N. Sun

Abstract: In the past decade, hydroformed structural components have been widely used in industrial areas in North American and Europe and there is a...

Authors: Wen Jing Yuan, Hao Bin Tian, Xiao Hang Liu, Xiao Song Wang, Shi Jian Yuan

Abstract: Firstly, the geometry condition of useful wrinkles during the hydroforming of double-cone tube was given. Then the stress condition of...

Authors: Shi Gang Wang, Fu Sheng Gao, Feng Lan Cheng, Qiang Guo

Abstract: Internal high pressure forming is a kind of the modern plastic processing technology. Using liquid as the pressure transmitting medium,...

Authors: Cheng Zhu Jin, Ge Zhan

Abstract: When filling liquid’s temperature is over 300 degrees centigrade, the internal high pressure forming process is easy to be decomposed and...

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