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Authors: D. Hamana, Zakaria Boumerzoug
Authors: Manuel J. Iribarren, O.E. Agüero, Fanny Dyment
Authors: Yu.A. Lyashenko, Andriy Gusak

Abstract: A model of alloying in the three-layer thin-film system at the low temperature is constructed. Solid solution formation takes place as a...

Authors: Mikhail Yu. Gutkin, A.E. Romanov, Elias C. Aifantis
Authors: Mykola S. Boltovets, V.N. Ivanov, A.Yu. Avksentyev, A.E. Belyaev, A.G. Borisenko, O.A. Fedorovitsh, Raisa V. Konakova, Ya.Ya. Kudryk, Petr M. Lytvyn, Victor V. Milenin, A.V. Sachenko, Yu.N. Sveschnikov

Abstract: In this communication we present the results of study of new contact systems to GaN epitaxial layers grown on sapphire and n-type 6H-SiC...

Authors: W.A. Świątnicki, M.W. Grabski
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