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Authors: Kun Liu, Liang Zhang, Sheng Qun Tang, Xue Qin
Chapter 4: Data Processing and Applied Computational Methods and Algorithms
Abstract:Under the background of information integration, the semantics of ontology integration is still an open issue. In this paper, we propose a...
Authors: Xian Zhi Tian
Chapter 5: Applied Technologies, Networks and Information Engineering
Abstract:Intelligent system has been used in many different fields. And many researchers have put their focused on the application of intelligent...
Authors: Hui Yong Wang, Yun Yin Zhang, Ming You Tan
Chapter 19: Oil and Gas Well Development Projects
Abstract:In recent years, the proven reserves of lithological reservoirs account for a little more than two-thirds of the total proven reserves in SL...
Authors: Xian Zhi Tian
Chapter 5: Information and Applied Technology
Abstract:In the new ages of application of applied technology and teaching form in every universities, many different modes have been tried and some...
Authors: Xian Zhi Tian
Chapter 10: New Technologies in Education
Abstract:] In interpretation, linguistic transmitted is often through many different carriers. As for the different carriers, applied technology and...
Authors: Le Jiang Guo, Xiao Tang, Yan Bin Liu
Abstract:This paper describes the method and realization of the objective binary segmented image to obtain the goal of characteristic quantities. The...
Authors: Sharin Ab Ghani, Yasmin Hanum Md Thayoob, Young Zaidey Yang Ghazali, Mohd Shahril Ahmad Khiar, Imran Sutan Chairul, Mohd Safwan Mohamad
Chapter 1: Power Systems, High Voltage and Insulation Engineering
Abstract:Distribution transformer in Malaysian electricity network is categorized as major element on delivering electricity throughout the nation....
Authors: Constantin Anghelache, Alexandru Manole, Mădălina Gabriela Anghel
Abstract:Capital market provides strong opportunities for investors who know how to adopt favorable decision in real time. The decision to invest on...
Authors: Yi Lun Lv, Bin Feng
VIII. Products Design and Simulation, Intelligent and Control Systems
Abstract:We designed and developed a test data interpreting system to improve the efficiency and accuracy of test data analysis of space power-source...
Authors: Yan Cui
Chapter 10: Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control
Abstract:Nowadays, desertification is a common major environmental problem confronted by human society. Analysis in dynamic change of desertification...
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