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Authors: Kalyan Kumar Ray, Ashmita Patra, Debashish Bhattacharjee

Abstract: A simple and reliable method has been proposed for determining fracture toughness of thin sheets. The principle of the method considers that...

Authors: Ane Martínez-de-Guereñu, M. Oyarzabal, F. Arizti, Isabel Gutiérrez

Abstract: The recovery and recrystallization kinetics of a cold rolled interstitial free (IF) steel were studied during isothermal annealing. Magnetic...

Authors: Roney Eduardo Lino, Ronaldo Barbosa

Abstract: Industry hot deformation processes such as hot rolling are complex in nature. Setting up a rolling mill requires precise knowledge of the...

Authors: Naoya Kamikawa, Xiao Xu Huang, Niels Hansen

Abstract: Annealing-induced hardening and deformation-induced softening behavior has recently been found in nanostructured aluminum (fcc) produced by...

Authors: Zhi Fen Wang, Rong Dong Han, Shun Bing Zhou, Zhong Hai Yao, Li Xin Wu

Abstract: Effect of annealing time on the microstructure and texture of IF steel sheets was investigated. Average grain size, grain boundary character...

Authors: C. Prentice, C.M. Sellars

Abstract: Plane strain compression tests have been carried out on Ti stabilised interstitial free steel at 700oC with constant and changing strain...

Authors: Gong Ting Zhang, Zhi Wang Zheng, Min Li Wang

Abstract: Cold rolling and salt bath annealing simulation were conducted to study the evolution of microstructure and textures of a commercially...

Authors: A. Najafi-Zadeh, John J. Jonas, Steve Yue
Authors: Peter Burik, Ladislav Pešek, Zuzana Andršová, Pavel Kejzlar

Abstract: Nanomechanical testing using depth sensing indentation (DSI) provides a straightforward solution for characterizing of mechanical properties...

Authors: Zhi Fen Wang, Rong Dong Han, Shun Bin Zhou, Hai E Huang, Li Xin Wu

Abstract: Effect of phosphorus content on the mechanical properties and microstructure of IF steel sheets was investigated. Average grain size and...

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