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Authors: Gerhard Pensl, Frank Schmid, Sergey A. Reshanov, Heiko B. Weber, M. Bockstedte, Alexander Mattausch, Oleg Pankratov, Takeshi Ohshima, Hisayoshi Itoh

Abstract: Nitrogen (N) donors in SiC are partially deactivated either by Si+-/N+-co-implantation or by irradiation with electrons of 200 keV energy...

Authors: Lars S. Løvlie, Lasse Vines, Bengt Gunnar Svensson

Abstract: 4H-SiC has been irradiated with 10 keV protons and a laterally resolved DLTS study performed to study the diffusion of irradiation induced...

Authors: E. Rauls, Uwe Gerstmann, M.V.B. Pinheiro, Siegmund Greulich-Weber, Johann Martin Spaeth

Abstract: In a combined theoretical and experimental work, we have investigated the common DI photoluminescence in 6H-SiC material. We present an...

Authors: Z. Zolnai, Nguyen Tien Son, Björn Magnusson, Christer Hallin, Erik Janzén
Authors: B. Aradi, Adam Gali, Peter Deák, E. Rauls, Thomas Frauenheim, Nguyen Tien Son
Authors: M.V. Zamoryanskaya

Abstract: In this paper the new method for determination of luminescent centers concentration are discussed. While the possibility of electron traps...

Authors: Katsunori Danno, Tsunenobu Kimoto

Abstract: Deep levels in as-grown p-type 4H-SiC epilayers have been investigated by DLTS. Three deep hole traps (HK2, HK3 and HK4) can be detected by...

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