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Authors: Shamil Kh. Mukhtarov, Vener Valitov, M.F.X. Gigliotti, P.R. Subramanian, J.S. Marte, Nadya Dudova

Abstract: The influence of severe thermomechanical treatment via multiple forging on the formation of a nanocrystalline (NC) structure in bulk...

Authors: Xu Bin Li, Zhi Min Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, rigid plastic finite element method simulation of AZ31 wrought magnesium alloy radiator isothermal extrusion is studied...

Authors: Shuang Fang, Min Cong Zhang, Yun Peng Dong, Shu Yun Wang

Abstract: The samples with a length of 50mm and cross section area of 20mm2 were machined from extruded P/M Nickel-base superalloy billet and the...

Authors: Yong Wei Wang, Lu Yi Yang, Wei You, Bing Zhe Bai

Abstract: The influence of temperature, strain rate, strain on mechanical parameters and microstructure evolution in isothermal deformation of GH4169...

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