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Authors: Ryszard Jabłoński, Roland Nowak

Abstract: The paper presents the method, configuration and calibration of special system for measuring the size of particles. It is designed for...

Authors: Peng Li, Jian Li, Yong Zhen Zhang, M. Scherge

Abstract: Recent researches have found that surfaces with non-glazed or laser dimpling topography offer improved lubricating efficiency and wear...

Authors: S. Iqbal, Anand Krishna Asundi

Abstract: A Multipoint Diffraction Strain Sensor (MISS) with the novel feature of simultaneous strain measurement at multiple points is...

Authors: Imed Miraoui, Mouna Zaied, Mohamed Boujelbene

Abstract: Laser cutting is a thermal process which is used contactless to separate materials. In the present study, high-power laser cutting of steel...

Authors: Kenji Yamaguchi, Itaru Matsumoto, Tsuyoshi Fujita, Yasuo Kondo, Satoshi Sakamoto, Mitsugu Yamaguchi

Abstract: It is well-known that a series of cracks sometimes gets initiated perpendicular to the cutting edges on the rake faces of brittle cutting...

Authors: Lin Dong, Ahmed Makradi, Saïd Ahzi, Yves Remond

Abstract: In the selective laser sintering (SLS) manufacturing technique a pre-heated layer of material powder undergoes a laser radiation in a...

Authors: Amer E. Amer, S.A. EL-Ghazaly, Y.S. Shash, S. Weiss

Abstract: Iron-base superalloys are well known materials having excellent high temperature properties .They are used in turbo superchargers and...

Authors: Ching Yen Ho, Mao Yu Wen, Jui Chang Tsai

Abstract: This paper investigates that polarizations of a laser vary in the process of reflections after a linearly or circularly polarized beam is...

Authors: Beáta Šimeková, Ingrid Kovaříková, Erika Hodúlová

Abstract: The paper is focused on study of cladded layer properties created by laser beam, to abrasive wear resistant. As a basic material was used...

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