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Authors: Yao Yuan Zeng, Zheng Hua Wang, Wen Tao Zhao

Abstract: As for the problem of numerical simulation oflaser propulsion of three dimensions and multi-sub domains, the domain decomposition strategy...

Authors: Cun Yan Cui

Abstract: It was found that evaporation and thermal elastic stress wave and cavity were dominant phenomenon in laser-induced ablation propulsion with...

Authors: Ji Fei Ye, Guang Yu Wang, Dian Kai Wang

Abstract: A method is described for measuring the micro impulse induced by the laser ablation. This method is based upon the torsion pendulum...

Authors: Yao Yuan Zeng, Wen Tao Zhao, Zheng Hua Wang

Abstract: As one of the most important methods to study laser propelled rocket, the numerical simulation of laser propulsion has drawn an ever...

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