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Authors: H. Kobayashi, Masashi Daimaruya
Authors: Zhao Peng Zhou, Qin Fang, Fei Li, Xin Hua Zhu, Yan Mi Wang

Abstract: In order to understand the energy absorption characteristics of various types of steel tubes and provide certain basis for model selection...

Authors: Zhao Peng Zhou, You Quan Qin, Fei Liu, Yan Mi Wang

Abstract: In order to enhance the lateral compression energy absorption capability of round steel tube without obviously increasing the mass of round...

Authors: Zhao Peng Zhou, Fei Liu, Yong Hong Gao, Fan Xi Xue

Abstract: From the previous researches, the author of this paper finds that the steel tube with the hexagonal section under the lateral compression...

Authors: Sripad S. Tokekar, Maloy K. Singha, Narinder K. Gupta

Abstract: An experimental investigation on the lateral collapse behaviour of woven fabric glass/epoxy composite tubes under quasi-static and impact...

Authors: Qing Chun Wang, Hao Long Niu, Guo Quan Wang, Yu Xin Wang

Abstract: Different aluminum foam filling lengths were used to increase the bending energy absorbing capacity of the popularly used hat sections....

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