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Authors: M. Fathi, M. Abderrezek, M. Friedrich, K. Tabani

Abstract: In this paper, we propose and experiment the application of self-cleaning Nano coating on solar panels. We have measured an important...

Authors: Immanuel Schäfer

Abstract: Fenestraria aurantiaca (also known as window plant) is a succulent with specialized adaptations to deal with heat, light and aridity....

Authors: Lenka Janečková, Stanislav Darula, Daniela Bošová

Abstract: This paper discusses tube transmission efficiency of two straight hollow light guides. Two samples with diameter of 530 mm and length 1170...

Authors: Tie Cheng Lu, Xue Jun Wang, Bing Xun Cheng, Qiang Hu, Shao Bo Dun

Abstract: In this paper, transparent ceramics Mn:MgAl2O4, which are potentially applicable in visibleband laser field, were prepared and their light...

Authors: Jian Qi Qi, Tie Cheng Lu, Xiang Hui Chang, Mu Yun Lei, Cun Xin Huang

Abstract: MgAl2O4 transparent nano-ceramic samples have been successfully prepared by ultrahighpressure- sintering method. The ultrafine MgAl2O4...

Authors: Kristián Kondáš, Stanislav Darula

Abstract: Windows are one of the most important parts of the building façade. Their main function is to ensure sufficient illumination of interiors...

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