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Authors: Carlos A. Anjinho, Pedro M. Amaral, Jorge Cruz Fernandes, Luis G. Rosa

Abstract: The objective of this work is to present a new laboratory testing methodology suitable for estimate the forces generated during multiple...

Authors: Kuo Hsin Lin, Po Hsueh Chang, Ching Tsung Yu, San Yuan Chen

Abstract: In this work, a series of CaO-based materials for medium-high temperature (500-800 °C) CO2 capture were synthesized from...

Authors: Tereza Valentová, Jan Valentin

Abstract: Deterioration of asphalt pavements by water immersion and increased moisture content, presents one of the principal issues for pavement...

Authors: Ozgur Akkoyun, Nicola Careddu, Graziella Marras

Abstract: In this study, a new computer program developed to determine the colour properties of natural stone products is introduced. The program can...

Authors: Wen Ye, Yong Min Yang, Heng Chang Wang

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to systematically investigate the alkali activity of the aggregate selected from a stockyard, and examine its...

Authors: Sergey M. Fomenko, E.E. Dilmukhambetov, Zulhair A. Mansurov, Zhanibek A. Korkembai, Aleksandr F. Reshetnyak

Abstract: This paper summarizes the results of the limestone furnace upgrade / refurbishment using the SHS-refractory material upon the furnace gas...

Authors: Eva Vejmelková, Jaroslava Koťátková, Monika Čáchová, Dana Koňáková

Abstract: The article compares the basic physical, mechanical and both liquid water and water vapour transport properties of self-compacting concrete...

Authors: Lei Su, Gang Zhang, Yu Dong, Jian Feng, Dong Liu

Abstract: The thermal decomposition kinetics of magnesite and limestone, which are alkaline earth metal carbonates, were investigated using thermal...

Authors: Luo Fang Guo, Hong Li, Zi Quan Li, Yong Qing Li, Wen Chen Song, Jia Feng

Abstract: Variations of decomposition rate and decomposition layer thickness of six spherical limestone particles with different sizes are calculated...

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