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Authors: Iuliana C. Dragomir, András Borbély, Tamás Ungár

Abstract: Anisotropic strain broadening of diffraction peaks can be parameterised by dislocation contrast factors. A comprehensive ...

Authors: I. Lucks, P. Lamparter, Eric J. Mittemeijer
Authors: W.I.F. David, Matteo Leoni, Paolo Scardi

Abstract: The implementation of a physically-sound size broadening model for peak profiles in the Rietveld method is presented. TOPAS macros are...

Authors: Paolo Scardi, Matteo Leoni, Mirco D'Incau

Abstract: The recent evolution of powder diffraction line profile analysis toward full pattern methods is discussed. Specific reference is made to...

Authors: Arnold C. Vermeulen, Rob Delhez

Abstract: All methods of analyzing the broadening of XRD line profiles have to take into account two basic effects: broadening by the instrument...

Authors: Paolo Scardi, Yu Hui Dong, Matteo Leoni
Authors: B.A. Marinković, Z. Žakula, S. Đurić, N. Nikolić, O. Milošević, Momcilo M. Ristić
Authors: Z. Somogyvári, E. Sváb, Gy. Mészáros, Kiril Krezhov, P. Konstantinov, Tamás Ungár, Jenő Gubicza
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