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Authors: Mehdi Asadi, Heinz Palkowski

Abstract: The investigations deal with processes leading to local effects of strengthening in multiphase steels, being characterized by good...

Authors: Tomoaki Fukahori, Shinichi Suzuki, Naoya Yamada, Masatoshi Aramaki, Osamu Furukimi

Abstract: In recent years, high strength steel plates for building and pipelines have been required to improve ductile fracture properties, assuming...

Authors: Xiao Ping Zhang, Wen Yu Yang, Miao Li

Abstract: The Fixture layout and clamping force are well known as important factors that influences the localization accuracy of the workpiece....

Authors: Roland Taillard, S. Guyot, Christophe Verwaerde

Abstract: Composites made of niobium filaments within an oversaturated α-CuSn bronze matrix were processed by restack bundle drawing. The differences...

Authors: G. Sudarshan Rao, K. Saravanan, G Harikrishnan, V.M.J. Sharma, P. Ramesh Narayanan, K. Sreekumar, Parameshwar Prasad Sinha

Abstract: The weld portion will have different mechanical properties in weld bead, HAZ and fusion boundary due to variation in the microstructure,...

Authors: Masayuki Kamaya, Joao Quinta da Fonseca, L.M. Li, Michael Preuss

Abstract: Work has been carried out recently, which demonstrates misorientation measurements recorded by using electron backscatter diffraction...

Authors: H.D. Joo, J.S. Kim, C.W. Bark, J.Y. Kim, Yang Mo Koo, Nobumichi Tamura

Abstract: In-situ measurement of local orientation and strain Has Been carried out for a copperpolycrystals under a uniaxial loading using a...

Authors: T.X. Yu, A.J. Pontes, N.M. Neves, H.H. Ruan
Authors: R. Emre Erkmen

Abstract: Thin-walled members that have one dimension relatively large in comparison to the cross-sectional dimensions are usually modelled by using...

Authors: Chuan Yong Cui, Toshiyuki Hirano

Abstract: Notch effect on the fracture behavior of the Ni3Al foils has been investigated as a function of notch radius and depth. Tensile tests along...

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