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Authors: Chun Rong Liu, Dao Lin Xu
Abstract: In this paper, the backward-facing step flow and the sediment transport downstream step were studied experimentally. The critical incipient bed shear velocity is obtained by the results of bed shear velocity and sediment incipient probability. It was found that the critical incipient bed shear velocity depends on the flow structures under the complex flow. By using the new critical incipient bed shear obtained in this paper and calculating the Shields parameter based on instantaneous bed shear velocity, the bed load sediment transport rate downstream step was given. The time history of the bed profile downstream step was calculated by bed load sediment transport rate and compared that obtained by the digital images. Good agreement was observed.
Authors: Mohammad J. Aarabi, Mohammad R. Chamani, Amir A. Dehghani, Keyvan Asghari
Abstract: Due to economical and serviceability reasons, local scour must be considered in the design of bridge piers. Although beds of natural rivers consist of nonuniform sediments, but most researches in this subject were carried out with uniform sediments. In nonuniform sediments case, the effect of sheltering of the finer particles by the coarser ones may alter the scour process. In this paper, the time-variation of local scour with nonuniform sediments around a cylinder pier is simulated using SSIIM software. This study shows that the SSIIM is capable of predicting the temporal evolution of local scour in bridge piers with nonuniform sediments.
Authors: Hai Jing Zhao, Dan Xun Li, Xing Kui Wang
Abstract: Aimed at the representative project which is protected by the downstream sediment storage dam, three dimensional flow velocity field in local scour area around the separate bridge pier via physical model test was studied. The influences of shaping the eroded pit caused by the velocities in different directions were analyzed. The distribution results of flow velocity field in local scour pit near the pier protected by the sediment storage dam, deduced from the paper, will provide references for the defensive design of bridge projects.
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