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Authors: Chao Sun, Zai Fa Zhou, Wei Hua Li, Qing An Huang
Chapter 3: Sensors, MEMS and Microengineering
Abstract:In this paper, a direct and simple method to characterize the elastic modulus of individual layers for composite films by in situ...
Authors: Ying Jun Chen, Yan Mei Li, Qing Hua Chen, Wen Gang Wu
Chapter 19: Mechatronics
Abstract:A 1×6 compound-driven MEMS-based optical device with optical switch and variable optical power attenuating functions has been proposed to...
Authors: Jean François Michaud, Marc Portail, Thierry Chassagne, Marcin Zielinski, Daniel Alquier
Chapter 1: 3C-SiC – Epitaxy, Characterization and Devices
Abstract:The aim of this paper is to review the recent developments conducted by our groups for the achievement of 3C-SiC based heterostructures...
Authors: Wei Min Wang, Feng Gang Tao, Jian Fei Zhang, Jun Yao
Chapter 1: Micro/Nano Transducer/Acutar/Robot
Abstract:A new hexagonal actuator arrangement continuous face-sheet MEMS deformable mirror is proposed, a mirror array with 19 elements is fabricated...
Authors: Ye Chao Sun, Zhuo Lei Huang, Wei Bing Wang
Chapter 14: Research and Design in Mechanical Engineering
Abstract:A bandgap reference without passive components based on standard CMOS is proposed. Using an improved inverse-function technique without any...
Authors: An Jie Ming, Yao Hui Ren, Yu Zhang, Le Zhang, Wen Bo Zhang, Zhen Xin Tan, Wen Ou, Qiu Lin Tan, Hai Yang Mao, Ji Jun Xiong, Da Peng Chen
Chapter 5: Optics in the Scale of Micro and Nano
Abstract:Many gas molecules absorb electromagnetic radiation at characteristic wavelengths in the infrared region. This absorption can be used to...
Authors: Jun Mizuno, Satoshi Takahashi
Chapter 4: Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Technologies
Abstract:In this paper, design, fabrication and characterization of a double-sided in-plane lateral comb-drive actuator fabricated by a plaster-based...
Authors: Mao Bo Fang, Xiao Lin Zhao, Jian Hua Li, Zi Wang, Yan Fang Wang, Zhong Yu Hou
Chapter 4: Technology and Method for Measurement, Test, Detection and Monitoring
Abstract:A kind of ionization gas sensor based on the polarization structure was designed and manufactured by MEMS technology. The gas sensor device...
Authors: Ting Ting Wang, Yi Bo Zeng, Zu Guang Zhao, Hang Guo
Chapter 3: Measurements, Sensors and MEMS
Abstract:Micro direct formic acid fuel cell (DFAFC) is currently one of the promising technologies to power micro/nano devices and systems. Compared...
Authors: Ya Xin Liu, Xiu Shan Song, Yu Feng Yao, Bo Huang, Ming Zhong
Chapter 4: Measurements, Sensors and MEMS
Abstract:Considering the long-term, flexible blood glucose monitoring demand, a sensor monitoring system for interstitial fluid (ISF) ultrafiltration...
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