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Authors: Jun Xu, Zhi Hua Gao, Zhi Feng Zhang, Men Gou Tang, Wei Dong Yu

Abstract: Annular electromagnetic stirring (A-EMS) process is verified an advanced metal melt treatment technology. Application research was performed...

Authors: Lorenz Ratke, Sonja Steinbach, Georg Müller, Marc Hainke, András Roósz, Yves Fautrelle, M.D. Dupouy, Gerhard Zimmermann, A. Weiß, Hermann-Josef Diepers, Jacques Lacaze, R. Valdes, G.U. Grün, H.-P. Nicolai, H. Gerke-Cantow

Abstract: The MICAST research program focuses on a systematic analysis of the effect of convection on the microstructure evolution in cast Al-alloys....

Authors: Soon Gi Lee, Gautam R. Patel, Arun M. Gokhale

Abstract: The normal and inverse solute macro-segregation are known to occur in Al and other nonferrous alloy castings and have been well studied and...

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