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Authors: Miroslaw Bramowicz, Slawomir Kulesza

Abstract: This study presents the results of an analysis of the domain structure of supersaturated X2CoCrMoAl20-15-3 maraging steel. The analyses was...

Authors: N. Nurgazizov, P. Zhdan, M. Kisielewski, Feliks Stobiecki

Abstract: Results obtained during examination of the multilayer Co/Au film by different methods of Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) are presented. It...

Authors: Kohei Sasage, Naoya Okamoto, Hana Tsujikawa, Takehiro Yamaoka, Eiji Saitoh

Abstract: A pair of magnetic domain walls (DWs) in ferromagnetic NiFe rings has been investigated in terms of the magnetic force microscopy (MFM)....

Authors: V. Karoutsos, Panagiotis Poulopoulos, M. Angelakeris, E.T. Papaioannou, Paul Fumagalli, N.K. Flevaris

Abstract: Co/Pt multilayers reside among the best candidates for perpendicular magneto-optic recording. In this work, Co/Pt multilayers were prepared...

Authors: Bing Chen Wei, G.S. Yu, L. Xia, Ming Xiang Pan, Beom-Suck Han, Wei Hua Wang
Authors: David Wexler, C. Harland, B. Tate, N.V. Brown, G.W. Delamore
Authors: Ricardo López Antón, Victor Vega, V.M. Prida, A. Fernández, K.R. Pirota, Manuel Vázquez

Abstract: Highly ordered arrays of Fe antidot films were fabricated by thermal vapor deposition technique using nanoporous alumina templates. The film...

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