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Authors: I. Kathir, S. Balakrishnan, B.V. Manikandan

Abstract: This paper proposes a technique for the identification of defects of three-phase squirrel cage induction motors. Simulations were performed...

Authors: Yu.N. Dragoshanskii, V.V. Shulika, A.P. Potapov, V.F. Tiunov

Abstract: The paper deals with the domain structure and electromagnetic characteristics of soft magnetic iron-based alloys, which are formed by the...

Authors: Kyoung Hun Jung, Jang Young Choi

Abstract: This paper deals with experimental verification and performance analysis of permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) for wind power...

Authors: Nicolas Meyer, Yves Bréchet, Muriel Véron, Marc Mantel, Pierre Emmanuel Dubois, Oliver Geoffroy

Abstract: Softening kinetics of two 17% chromium (Cr) stainless steel grades that differ in niobium (Nb) content are compared. In the experiments, we...

Authors: Nadezhda A. Skulkina, Oleg A. Ivanov, Elena A. Stepanova, Irina O. Pavlova

Abstract: The physical reasons of influence of heat treatment in vacuum and air on magnetic properties of ribbon’s of amorphous soft magnetic...

Authors: Fernando José Gomes Landgraf, J.C. Teixeira, M. Emura, Marcos Flavio de Campos, C.S. Muranaka
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