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Authors: Jing Fa Li, Yan Yan, Yi Tai Qian

Abstract: In this paper, crystallinic FeB nanoflowers were successfully prepared at 500°C for 8h with FeCl3 and NaBH4 as the...

Authors: Ji Young Lee, Jung Pyo Hong, Do Hyun Kang

Abstract: Inductance is an important parameter to assess electric motor characteristics. In this paper, the methods of apparent and incremental...

Authors: Qiu Ju Zheng

Abstract: Modern computer memory, in addition to cache memory, is mainly divided into two categories: internal memory and external memory. External...

Authors: Aleksandr Kotvitckii, Galina Kraynova, Anatoly Frolov

Abstract: In this paper features of structure at the atomic level, magnetic properties, and mechanisms of structural relaxation during thermal...

Authors: Qiao Ling Li, Yong Fei Wang, Cun Rui Zhang

Abstract: One-dimensional (1D) hematite (α-Fe2O3) nanorods have been successfully prepared using a chemical precipitation method. The sample was...

Authors: Aleksandr Kotvitckii, Galina Kraynova, Anatoly Frolov, Vitaly Ivanov

Abstract: In this paper the detailed analysis of thermal behavior of electrical resistivity of...

Authors: A.M.T. Bell, L.M. Rodríguez-Martínez, J.P. Attfield, Robert J. Cernik, J.F. Clarke, D.A. Perkins
Authors: N. Mattern, Matvei Zinkevich, H. Ehrenberg, M. Knapp, A. Handstein
Authors: Yan Hong Ding, Ming Ji Li, Bao He Yang, Xu Ma

Abstract: The aim of this work is to present experimental results of investigation on crystallization process of Co-containing Finemet-type alloys. To...

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