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Authors: Fujio Abe

Abstract: The effect of fine precipitates, excess dislocations and sub-boundary hardening on creep strain behavior in the transient region has been...

Authors: Marton Benke, Valéria Mertinger, Ferenc Tranta

Abstract: A group of austenitic steels exhibit high deformability and strength due to TRansformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP) and/or TWinning Induced...

Authors: Le Zhou, Anit Giri, Kyu Cho, Yong Ho Sohn

Abstract: The ferromagnetic shape memory and magnetocaloric properties of NiMnGa alloys are closely related to the martensitic transformation from...

Authors: Dong Ying Ju, Ryuji Mukai, Nobuaki Minakawa, Yukio Morii, Atsushi Moriai
Authors: Richard G. Thiessen, Jilt Sietsma, I.M. Richardson

Abstract: This work presents a unique approach for the modelling of the austenitisation of martensite in dual-phase steels within the phase-field...

Authors: Tansel T. Arif, Rong Shan Qin

Abstract: The phase field method is rapidly becoming the method of choice for simulating the evolution of solid state phase transformations in...

Authors: Christian Lexcellent, Elie Gibeau

Abstract: At first, some comments are made concerning the capacity of prediction of the microstructure for shape memory alloys by the...

Authors: T.Y. Hsu

Abstract: In order to diminish the industrial pollution to maintain the sustainable development and to reduce the cost of the steel production, a...

Authors: Vyacheslav Gundyrev, Vitaly Zel'dovich

Abstract: The criterion of an estimation of a reality of the mechanism of deformation of a lattice at martensite transformation is proposed. The most...

Authors: D.V. Edmonds

Abstract: Recent decades have witnessed some remarkable advances in engineering steels driven by the need to respond to challenges posed, for example,...

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