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Authors: Yong Dan Li, Su Min Lu, Qin Peng Guan

Abstract: Three-phase slurry bubble column reactor owns a wide application area. This review focuses on the hydrodynamics of the reactor from the...

Authors: Olga Karabelchtchikova, Richard D. Sisson

Abstract: Initiated by the need of industry for gas carburizing process control and optimization, this paper focuses on understanding the effect of...

Authors: Hesham S. Bamufleh, S. A. Nosier, M. A. Daous

Abstract: The solid-liquid mass transfer rate at a stack of circular fin surfaces in a bubble column was investigated. A diffusion-controlled...

Authors: Mohd Sharizan Md Sarip, Noor Azian Morad

Abstract: Subcritical water extraction (SWE) is introduced in the extraction of ginger bioactive compounds, namely 6-gingerol and 6-shagoal. The...

Authors: Rocío Maceiras, Xosé R. Nóvoa, Angeles Cancela, Estrella Álvarez

Abstract: The mass transfer coefficients at different axial positions in a bubble column have been measured using a conductivity method. Measurements...

Authors: Yang Lin Li

Abstract: In order to improve the efficiency of ozone mass transfer in liquid phase, the method enhanced by electric field was put forward. The effect...

Authors: Dai Yong Jia, Lu Yan Sui, Ming Lai He

Abstract: In this study, an experiment platform was built up to determine the key parameter, mass transfer coefficient, of the ventilation and...

Authors: Fei Wu, Jie Wu, Mei Jin, Fang Wang, Ping Lu

Abstract: Based on acetone-H2O system, the influence of the gas-liquid distribution inducer on the mass transfer coefficient in the...

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