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Authors: Hee Jae Shin, Lee Ku Kwac, Sun Ho Ko, Tae Hoon Kim, Hong Gun Kim

Abstract: Of the advanced composite materials for aerospace structures such as aircrafts and space devices, the carbon fiber reinforced plastics...

Authors: Hee Jae Shin, In Pyo Cha, Min Sang Lee, Tae Ho Kim, Hyun Kyung Yun, Lee Ku Kwac, Hong Gun Kim

Abstract: The fiber is considered the most important element in fiber reinforced composite materials, as it generally occupies the largest volume in a...

Authors: Sun Hee Kim, Soon Jong Yoon, Won Chang Choi

Abstract: In this paper, the results of experimental and analytical investigations pertaining to the structural behavior of glass fiber reinforced...

Authors: Peng Zheng, Duo Zuo, Yuan Hui Wang

Abstract: We design a set of milling head test series in order to test the properties of the A/C double angular milling head. The article gives the...

Authors: Miao Shang, Guo Min Lin, Wen Guang Zhang, Jiao Jiao Ye

Abstract: The functional relationship is analyzed between three-phase asynchronous motor electromagnetic torque and some factors; Mechanical...

Authors: Gui Lan Zhang, De Xu Geng

Abstract: This paper has introduced the structure of elongational pneumatic artificial muscle, analyzed axial mechanics characteristics of elongation...

Authors: Liana Paraianu, Dorel Banabic

Abstract: The current trend in the automotive industry consists in decreasing the weight of the car body to reduce the fuel consumption and the air...

Authors: Radu Saulescu, Mircea Neagoe, Codruta Jaliu, Olimpiu Munteanu

Abstract: Planetary transmissions used as speed amplifiers in wind/hydro conversion systems typically rely on the conventional concept of mechanism...

Authors: Hui Mei Zhang, Geng She Yang

Abstract: Considering the heterogeneous characteristics of rock at mesoscopic level, the damage propagation constitutive relation and evolution...

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