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Authors: Berend Denkena, Thilo Grove, Lukas Tatzig

Abstract: Wire sawing with diamond tools is a highly flexible cut-off grinding process with regard to machinable component structure and composition....

Authors: Tian Tian Song, Xiang Sheng Chen

Abstract: The forces on TBM druing tunnelling are analyzed in detail based on the characteristics of mixed face strata. Suitable parameters of TBM are...

Authors: Gang Li, Li Da Zhu, Jian Yu Yang, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: By using fracture mechanics theory of rock, the rock fragmentation mechanism of tunnel boring machine (TBM) cutters is analyzed and the...

Authors: Yan Yang, Chang Hua Lin, Hui Li, Jing Zhou
Authors: Shan Suo Zheng, Xiao Yu Shang, Wei Wang, Lei Li

Abstract: Based on the object-oriented finite element analysis software OpenSEES, a hinged 3-floor 2-span, SRHSHPC frames numerical simulation model...

Authors: Shou Hui Chen, Hong Qin Yu

Abstract: The tensile performance of the woven membrane materials shows three characters: nonlinear, anisotropic and non-elastic. Besides, when...

Authors: Yan Hai Yang, Hua Cai, Min Jiang Zhang, Yan Xu

Abstract: The recycle of asphalt pavement material is not only accordance with the policy of national energy conservation and emission reduction, but...

Authors: Miroslav Sýkora, Milan Holicky

Abstract: Resistances of mechanical systems are primarily dependent on material properties, geometry and uncertainties associated to an applied...

Authors: Yasuyuki Kato

Abstract: This paper describes the creep deformation behavior of catheter which is made of soft nylon resin and is reinforced with thin stainless...

Authors: Pin Le Zhang

Abstract: Reinforced concrete (RC) structural walls are one of the most commonly used lateral load resisting systems for high-rise buildings in strong...

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